ISOFORCE makes the first team of SC Münster 08 fit.

ISOFORCE makes the professional first handball league team MKC fit

The ladies of the MKC are playing in the second-best handball league of the world, in Hungary.

ISOFORCE is the official nutritional partner of the team. This should also ensure the necessary energy source for this year’s season.

The goal of the cooperation is to sensitize the players with regard to their diet and their drinking behavior. When should be eaten or drunk? How are the energy reserves optimally filled – even during a game? Ultimately, this should lead to improved and accelerated regeneration after training sessions and games.

With ISOFORCE is everything possible!

Let’s go MKC !!!

Isoforce Athlete, Till Nonhoff (Karate):

I discovered Isoforce through a friend of mine.

I sometimes had difficulties concentrating and getting tired during a long and hard training session. Sometimes even my motivation was lacking to even go to the training. Now, with Isoforce, I feel energized and strong, so I am looking forward to my sessions.

Enjoy your training,

Till Nonhoff

Westdeutscher Meister 2011
Vize deutscher Meister Junioren 2011
Ostdeutscher Meister 2013
Ostdeutscher Meister 2015
Deutscher Meister im Team 2015