We offer the following options as payment options:

  • PayPal Plus
  • Money transfer

Invoices are due immediately




The following technical steps are necessary for an order:

  • If the customer wants to purchase one or more articles, he can click on the button with the shopping cart symbol in the individual offers. The articles are then collected in the virtual “shopping cart”.
  • As soon as the customer has collected all the goods he wants to buy in the “shopping cart”, he can click on the button to see the collected goods, either with the button “shopping cart” or the button “go to shopping cart”
  • On the page all orders of the customer, including the transport costs and the VAT and the other order data are displayed.
  • In the following step, the customer can click on the button “continue to checkout” and can then specify the necessary order data on the following page, without further registration.
  • After specifying the necessary order data, the customer can choose the payment method. The following options are available: Transfer or Paypal Plus. If the customer selects the option “transfer”, he must only take note of the terms and conditions and click on “send order”. The customer shall make a binding order of the goods contained in the shopping basket. If the customer chooses “PayPalPlus”, he has the possibility to pay by Paypal, direct debit or credit card. To go to the next page, click the button “Send order”.
  • On the following page, the customer is redirected to the PayPal page. After the payment data has been entered, please take note of the terms and conditions and put a checkmark in the appropriate boxes. After that the purchase can be completed, “pay now”. The payment data are not passed on to ISOFROCE. The ordering process can not be completed without this knowledge.
  • The customer will subsequently receive a confirmation e-mail that the supplier has received his order. This mail does not contain any acceptance of the offer. Only with a second mail the offer of the customer is either expressly accepted.